Valorant Game Director Joe Ziegler Leaves His Role to Start a New, Secret Project at Riot Games

Joe Ziegler, who was important for the Valorant group for quite some time and filled in as game chief, has passed on his job to deal with a new, secret task at Riot Games.

Ziegler shared the declaration on Valorant’s site, saying that, “it is with a heart loaded with appreciation and a profound fervor that I come to you today with news.”

“Following 8 years of chipping away at VALORANT, developing it starting from the earliest stage a group of committed and energetic engineers who’ve worked indefatigably to serve you all with the regard and deference that you merit, I am surrendering the mantle of game head of the VALORANT tac-shooter to my old buddy, Andy Ho,” Ziegler said.

Ho had the place of Senior Director, Game Direction since June 2017 and Ziegler guarantees that this progress will keep Valorant in extraordinary hands.

“Andy is somebody who I am glad to say has put numerous long stretches of his own into VALORANT, and whose individual commitment to convey to the best expectations rouses all who work with him,” Ziegler said. “He has my full confidence and trust that he will proceed to develop and advance VALORANT year-over-year to turn out to be far superior to what I could envision it to be.

Have you played Valorant?

He then, at that point, gave somewhat of a bother concerning what he will be dealing with straightaway – a new, secret task at Riot Games.

“With respect to me, I’ll be beginning a novel, new thing (*wink, mysteries… ) in the expectations that we can even start to expose the astounding effect VALORANT has effectively had up to this point,” Ziegler said.

Secret Project at Riot Games

We definitely realize Riot Games is dealing with a battling game called Project L, a League of Legends MMO, and a strange LoL social game called Project F. Ziegler’s words could be taken as he is dealing with another venture, yet it likewise could be connected with one of these all around reported ones.

While he might be leaving the Valorant group, he will not be far away and will forever uphold the game he made.

“All things considered, I’ll not be a long way from the game and the group and they’ll forever have my backing,” Ziegler closed.” Thank you to every individual who has upheld and keeps on supporting VALORANT, and a unique whoop to all who’ve upheld me and my work. You’ve made my time as your game chief a really upbeat and critical experience. Much <3.”

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