VALORANT drops hints for new Agent 18 positioned in the Philippines

In the most recent State of the Agents blog, VALORANT designers have prodded players with new hints about Agent 18 and what their pack may offer that would be useful. The post not just held back additional interesting depictions about the new person yet in addition uncovered a captivating new picture of the specialist. Fans are enthusiastically anticipating the new specialist to show up in the game, set for discharge in mid 2022 when the following VALORANT episode dispatches.

VALORANT Agent 18 is about speed

In the previous weeks, Riot has been dropping an ever increasing number of clues about the new specialist, clearly codenamed “Runner” as per dataminer spills. With respect to true deliveries, the new VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), which finished up in Berlin recently, had debuted a short clasp for Agent 18. In that mystery video, the female voiceover conveyed statements alluding to a rapid new person. “I want to believe that they like getting hit by lightning. Prepare, I go quick.”

Presently, the new clues from VALORANT engineers keep on highlighting an exceptionally nimble new specialist. As far as one might be concerned, the divulged picture catches the impact points of what resembles a competitor, with running shoes starting with an electric bolt. The electric component, as one would might suspect, is by all accounts a reference to lightning, again demonstrating snappiness.

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In addition, Character Producer John Goscicki portrayed Agent 18 as one who can “dominate the remainder of the list,” progressing forward the topic of speed and versatility. Beside that, the person will be “stunning the opposition and sliding straight into the battle.” These portrayals may be hints for the specialist’s capacities, maybe something power based as a shock factor. (Additionally, it would fit right in with the lightning bolt in the picture). Another move could be something like a scramble or a type of connect with, making the new specialist conceivably a solid match as an initiator.

New specialist ethnicity is Filipino

Last yet not the least, the see likewise curiously remembered words for the Filipino language. The fragment started with “Mga kaibigan ko,” which means “Dear my companions,” and finishes with “Maraming salamat!” signifying “Thank you!” Players have likewise seen that Chamber’s voice lines insinuate a specialist situated in Manila. At last, as somewhat of a hidden treat, the picture record is named “bilis” which means quick. Taken together, this multitude of pieces of information propose that the new quick specialist will hail from the Philippines.

With this multitude of clues and secrets dropping left and right, fans are certainly eager to see the new specialist show up. Nonetheless, Riot presently can’t seem to affirm the delivery date for Agent 18. Theory could put it toward the beginning of Episode 4, set to go live on January 12, 2022. Also, Goscicki explicitly stated it as “Starting off the following year… ” which recommends that we may get Agent 18 very soon.

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