The Biggest Video Game News Of The Week December 2021

You may think seven days finishing on Christmas Eve wouldn’t by and large be jam-loaded with computer game news and indeed, you’d be somewhat correct. On top of everybody getting ready for Christmas Day and all of the huge dispatches previously hitting the market, the greater part of the attention has been on Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix: Resurrections. Be that as it may, there has still been some major event news as we head into the last seven day stretch of the year. Modders riding in to save Final Fantasy 7 Remake, vehicle pursues in Cyberpunk 2077 – here are for the most part the greatest stories from the beyond seven days.

This Week In Modding: Cyberpunk Has A Metro, Aerith Has A Chair, And More

Cloud Strife at the Honeybee Inn in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

FF7 Remake got its hotly anticipated PC port recently. Subsequent to trying it out, a large number of the people who have been hanging tight for it likely wish it had been in progress somewhat longer. The port is not exactly cleaned, and that is the place where modders come in. The modding local area has as of now been fixing FF7 Remake’s concerns, yet in addition tossed in a mod that places Cloud in his Honeybee Inn dress for the entire game just in case. Concerning those of you playing on PS4, on the off chance that you downloaded the game for nothing through PS Plus, you would now be able to move up to the PS5 variant free of charge.

A New Ghostbusters Game Is Coming

Ghostbusters has been getting a great deal of reboots on the big screen lately, yet not such a huge amount in the computer game world. While the series may be most connected with films, Ghostbusters likewise has a rich gaming history as well – one that has laid torpid for 10 years now. As per Ghostbusters entertainer Ernie Hudson, that will before long change. Hudson asserts that an all-new Ghostbusters game is as of now underway. He’s just barely been welcome to record voice lines for it however, so it very well may be some time before the game is formally affirmed.

The Uncharted Movie Gets A New Trailer

It’s stunning what a distinction a trailer can make. The principal trailer for the Uncharted film was met with a system “meh” when it dispatched recently. Quick forward to this week and the subsequent one seems to have individuals invigorated for the film’s appearance in 2022. That will happen when you show individuals engaging on privateer ships, swinging from helicopters, and give them a look at Mark Wahlberg with a sweet mustache. The jury will be out until Uncharted fans see the entire thing, obviously, yet chalk this week up as a success for all interested parties.

Cyberpunk, Sonic, And Elden Ring Should All Have Car Chases

Cyberpunk has been available for over a year now and is normally in obviously better shape than it was last Christmas. Its players actually aren’t totally content presently however, addressing why Night City is altogether without vehicle pursues. Cyberpunk’s mission chief shielded the game’s absence of rapid pursuits by contrasting it with Sonic and Elden Ring. All things considered, Sonic doesn’t have vehicles outside of Team Sonic Racing, which in fact has vehicle pursues. With respect to Elden Ring, while it’s most likely probably the case it doesn’t have vehicles, we can’t actually make certain until it dispatches one year from now. Assuming you can tear around The Lands Between in a Bugatti, then, at that point, Cyberpunk’s mission chief will look pretty senseless.

Twelve Minutes Not Playing

It’s practically the year’s end which implies everybody has been sharing their Spotify Wrappeds and most-played Nintendo rounds of 2021. On top of this, HowLongToBeat has been sharing a couple other details about your gaming propensities for the year. Occupant Evil Village was 2021’s most finished game. Obvious as in addition to the fact that it is extraordinary, it’s additionally short. Concerning the most resigned, or at the end of the day, the game not even one of us could stay with to the point of arriving at the end, that undesirable honor goes to 12 Minutes. Not incredible for a game that requires around four hours to play beginning to end.

Nintendo Asks You To Please, Think Of The Servers

2021 may have been the principal entire year for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, however it has additionally been one more prevailing year for the Nintendo Switch. Around this time one year from now, the control center will have most certainly outperformed 100 million units transported, a number that will have been worked towards in a significant manner this Christmas season. In anticipation of a flood of new Switch proprietors, Nintendo gave an admonition suggesting players get set up before Christmas Day. The servers will be occupied on December 25 which could bring about an extremely sluggish, possibly unusable Switch right out of the container. The main issue is, assuming you’re finding out with regards to this interestingly the present moment, it’s as of now past the point of no return.

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