The Biggest Gaming News For December 2021

Twas the eighth day of Christmas…or the 10th? I don’t know how to count, but rather I know some things about the news. However the year is slowing down, the consistent pattern of media reporting surely never closes. Today, we have a blend of genuine and carefree stories to share. From a message from Xbox co-maker Seamus Blackley about poisonousness on the web, to potentially the most peculiar boycott in Twitch history. We’ve likewise got a report on Horizon Forbidden West’s record size, news about Logan Paul’s Pokemon fixation, and a solicitation from Nintendo. Here are the greatest reports from Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

Kena Adds Three New Rot Hats For Christmas

Skyline Forbidden West Might Be A Behemoth Download Size On PS5, PS4

Skyline Forbidden West may be the principal enormous cutting edge game everybody is hanging tight for, however PlayStation fans ought to be ready for a beast download come February. As indicated by the Twitter page PlayStation Game Size, Horizon Forbidden West will time in at 96 GB – that is before any potential Day One updates. PS4 record sizes will generally be much greater than PS5 documents, so you might need to get clearing going your more seasoned games now.

Nintendo Asks You To Please Think Of The Servers And Create Your Switch Online Account Before Christmas
oled switchvia Nintendo

Nintendo is anticipating that the Switch should be a well known present this Christmas – so famous truth be told that the organization is expecting some server issues on Christmas day. Nintendo is asking anybody that means to do a Nintendo Switch Online record to do as such before Christmas day. On the off chance that you’re giving a Switch as a gift, it’s smart to open it up now, update the product, and set up the records today.

Co-Creator Says Xbox Live’s Toxicity Wasn’t “The Future We Envisioned”

Following a specific dreadful Twitch cut in which a decoration is getting pestered in Halo Infinite just for being a lady, Xbox Co-Creator Seamus Blackley had some decision words to say to chauvinist gamers. In a statement retweet of the first post on Twitter, Blackley clarified that this wasn’t the future for Xbox experience that he and his kindred engineers had imagined. Blackley proceeded to say that players, engineers, and makers need to cooperate to change this.

Logan Paul Buys $3.5 Million Worth Of Pokemon Cards

pokemon cards logan paulvia Pokemon
YouTuber Logan Paul enormously affects the Pokemon Trading Card Game leisure activity since he initially checked out vintage assortments back in 2020. Evidently, he’s still profound into Pokemon cards since he uncovered on Twitter this week that he’s simply bought a fixed box of first version Pokemon cards for $3.5 million. While the tweet doesn’t indicate, it’s accepted that this is an instance of Base Set cards. Recently, Paul observed two first version Charizard cards – the most costly Pokemon cards on the planet – during a $1 million Base Set box break.

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