New Backbone game coming in 2022 gets a blanketed roads pixel workmanship bother

Spine, the account experience with wonderful pixel workmanship and a discouraged raccoon hero, is getting a followup game one year from now.

Engineer EggNut uncovered a concise mystery video for the new undertaking, which rolls across an abandoned city road which wouldn’t watch awkward in the principal Backbone, notwithstanding all the snow. The first game occurred in “tragic Vancouver,” so this could positively be a similar in general setting at an alternate moment.

EggNut likewise prodded that it can’t see us whether this next task will be “a continuation or a prequel or a hustling game right now. Yet, kindly realize that it’s more gay.” Will you have the option to kiss the goose individuals, who are lovably called “geezers” in the fiction, this time? It’s basically impossible to know without a doubt until the new game turns out in 2022.

Legend Wars

The primary Backbone was financed through a Kickstarter crusade in May 2018, alongside distributing support from Raw Fury, and it at last hit PC in June with console renditions continuing in October. Upon appearance, Backbone was broadly adulated for its visual plan and early sections zeroing in on investigator work, however responses to its later, more account driven sections (and the completion specifically) were nearly disruptive.

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