Kojima Artwork Showing New Characters Could Be First Look At Next Game 2022

Over special times of year, Hideo Kojima shared new work of art by Yoji Shinkawa, which includes already inconspicuous characters and a potential clue about the following game out of Kojima Productions. Hypotheses and theory about Kojima’s next significant venture surface online now and then. At times the speculating game is energized by remarks from the man himself; in different examples, unwarranted tales bring about such talk. At the hour of composing, however, nothing concrete is had some significant awareness of what the Metal Gear Solid maker has at his disposal.

In the wake of heading out in different directions from distributer Konami in 2015, Kojima established the new Kojima Productions and cooperated with Sony for the task that we presently know as Death Stranding. Aside from Death Stranding’s PC and PS5 forms, the studio hasn’t openly talked about its arrangements for some other title. New news has emerged from the organization lately, however, with Kojima Productions sending off a film and TV division helmed by previous PlayStation Business Affairs VP Riley Russell. Be that as it may, what may this involve for the gathering’s gaming area? That much remaining parts a secret, yet a new occasion card from Hideo Kojima might offer the smallest of prods.

We’ll Take A Silent Hill Kojima and Del Toro Never Even Touch

In the days paving the way to special times of year, Hideo Kojima shared a “Merry Christmas” message on Twitter (through COGConnected), complete with a happy card. Kojima’s long-lasting associate Yoji Shinkawa clearly outlined the picture, whose focal point spins around three never-before-seen characters. Two of the baffling characters seem decked out in Kojima Productions clothing – one wears a Ludens coat and different bears a banner with the Ludens mascot enhancing it. The third person is a lady who gives off an impression of being holding a Death Stranding-enlivened Die-Hardman veil. Normally, the picture has fans contemplating whether the triplet establishes a bother for the following Kojima game.

While numerous Koijma dedicated presume the above character workmanship fills in as a clue with respect to one of his secret undertakings, there as of now exists no proof to help such a hypothesis. Considering that, fans shouldn’t get their expectations up presently. The hold on to realize what’s next for Kojima Productions will, along these lines, proceed for now.

The unbelievable game engineer has recently prodded an interest in getting back to the frightfulness class, following his short spell dealing with P.T./Silent Hills at Konami. He’s communicated a longing to alter specific plan components, as well, explicitly concerning ongoing changes dependent on player area. Whatever Kojima and Co. are unobtrusively dealing with will undoubtedly spectacular exhibition somewhat.

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