Electro Crystalfly Locations Genshin Impact 2021

The Electro Crystalfly is one of the numerous animals that wander all over the planet of Genshin Impact. Its portrayal depicts it as:

“Unadulterated essential living things made out of floating Electro particles, as free and unbound as the butterflies they look like. A sparkling Electro animal that is the result of rising and consolidating components, and which feeds off the universal force of Electro. Could the glimmering light in obscurity night be the depended confidence of somebody in particular… Sometimes, the uninformed creatures will follow these lights any place they go, pacing behind them and scouring the four corners of the Realm Within.” To assist you with getting these flying little animals, our Electro Crystalfly Locations Genshin Impact guide will let you know a few places where they can be experienced.

Electro Crystalfly Locations Genshin Impact

You will actually want to effectively perceive the Electro Crystalfly once you think that they are out in nature. They look like shining purple moths, and they leave a path of shimmers when they fly around. Like most other Electro-mixed animals, they are outwardly striking. At the point when you find and catch one, it will drop a Crystal Core. With the expansion of the Omni-Ubiquity Net, you can likewise utilize this contraption to have this delightful animal stay in your Serenitea Pot.

Where to Find Electro Crystalfly in Genshin Impact

There are two incredible places where you can track down numerous Electro Crystalflies The first of these is on Narukami Island. Take a Waypoint there to Inazuma City. From that point, go north to the Byakko Plain. We’ve denoted the specific area of the Electro Crystalflies there. Here, in an open field, you will actually want to get a few of them. The other group can be experienced on Seirai Island. The northernmost island there, between Fort Hiraumi and Koseki Village, has an enormous assortment of Electro Crystalfly on a bluff.

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