Chicory Dev Teases New Game 2022


A Colorful Tale is perhaps the greatest amazement of 2021. It was one of the astounding non mainstream games delivered this previous year that stood separated from the group, procuring quite a few Game of the Year grants across numerous classifications. It appears to be that the advancement group behind Chicory delighted in making the game however much players appreciated playing it. Game chief Greg Lobanov has affirmed that another game is being developed from Chicory’s group, presenting the game’s first mystery.

Lobanov’s mystery is little, yet sweet. It’s by and large what Chicory fans will appreciate. In a short post on Twitter, Lobanov affirms that he’s working with the Chicory group on a novel, new thing and with it shares an energized picture. The picture includes a person unendingly running. It’s a two-legged animal with a charming nose, huge round eyes, enormous fox-like ears, a fluffy body, and a short unpolished finished tail. It’s a feline kangaroo, a fox-flamingo, or some sort of Frankensteined animal framed from the bits of different creatures. One thing is clear – – it’s exceptionally adorable.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale Surprise Ported To Switch

Lobanov doesn’t offer some other data about their huggable running animal. It very well may be the hero of the Chicory group’s new game, maybe indicating a 2D platformer or something to that affect, or it very well may be a side-character, NPC, or even an adversary. In such manner, it’s a generally excellent mystery, since it doesn’t actually offer any knowledge into what the new game will truly be.

What’s irrefutable with regards to the animal, nonetheless, is that it has all of the appeal that Chicory players would anticipate from the game’s improvement group. While there’s a more obscure component to Chicory, by far most of characters in the game have a receptive and agreeable attitude to them. It makes it simple for Chicory players to think often about the characters engaged with the game’s story. This new animal is as of now making fans who can hardly wait to get to realize this fluffy pal better.

Chicory isn’t Lobanov’s just game. He recently chipped away at many little tasks, with the two generally remarkable and late ventures being melodic platformer Wandersong and procedurally-created roguelike deck developer Coin Crypt. Get the job done to say, Lobanov has a different scope of involvement across game types.

With the Chicory group, in any case, Lobanov’s work has become something truly exceptional. Chicory is of a quality and reason that hung out in 2021. Ideally, this new undertaking from the Chicory group is just better. Lobanov says that he desires to share insights concerning the new game in 2022, so fans can anticipate that throughout the following year.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is accessible now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Switch.

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